Start Your Own Healthcare Trade School With a Consultant’s Help

Are you an individual who wants to start a nursing assistant (CNA) school, phlebotomy technician training program, medical assistant course, EKG technician training program, patient care technician program, or other type of allied healthcare course of study? Do you find the process somewhat confusing? We can be of assistance. Call (682)340.3034 or email to see what we can do for you. Our website is for more info.

The team at Dynamic Day Consultants is comprised of knowledgeable RN consultants who have amassed several years of experiential backgrounds as owners and operators in the vocational school industry. In fact, we currently own and operate a successful trade school with results, so we can talk the talk and walk the walk. In addition, we take pride in providing clients with final results that are complete, concise, and the thrilling beginning of peoples’ entrepreneurial journeys.

No job is too small…you can piecemeal a consultancy plan that works for you and your professional goals. Entrepreneurial minds in the healthcare trade school /vocational school industry regularly look to the expertise of consultants to help in formulate plans, promote new training programs, prepare important documents, and provide warnings of potential problems that might occur while establishing a proprietary school and/or adding training programs to existing schools. 

Dynamic Day Consultants offers an assortment of consultative services that are tailored to the unique needs of those who are seeking to enter the healthcare trade school industry and realm of allied healthcare training programs. We will write your curriculum, prepare your school catalog in accordance with approval guidelines, populate the clinical externship contract templates, formulate a business plan, sort through school policies & student handbooks, and generate a suite of paperwork that you may not have even known you needed. 

Our team can also develop an effective marketing plan to attract prospective students, help you navigate the process of securing national programmatic approvals to ensure your school’s course offerings appear more attractive to potential students, and offer informed suggestions on ways in which you can foster community partnerships with nonprofit entities that tend to result in lucrative leads for more students in your classroom seats (and more tuition dollars for your school).

Place a telephone call to (682)340.3034, or feel free to email to see what Dynamic Day Consultants can do for you. Our website is if you would like more information and/or wish to book a telephone session.

Start Your Own CNA School /Nurse Aide Training Program With a Consultant’s Help

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To individuals and partners with an entrepreneurial spirit, there is nothing more exhilarating than entering the healthcare vocational /trade school industry as the owner of one’s very own private career training school. One owner or a group of partners can potentially nurture the startup process from start to end and treat the trade school as his or her figurative baby, thereby creating something uniquely special from a dream.

Unfortunately, there’s the good, the bad and the ugly of getting a career training school fully established and running. The excitement and liberation of entrepreneurship can be really good. The convoluted, perplexing steps that entail getting a new school started can be quite bad. Moreover, the snail’s pace at which the state officials and approval agency representatives move to get tasks done on their ends can be enormously ugly.

Frankly, anyone would be telling a flagrant boldfaced lie if they declared that starting a trade school with one or more healthcare vocational career training programs was easy. In reality, nothing worth having or keeping ever seems to come easy. It takes a plenitude of hard work and astute knowledge, as well as the patience to continue to be creative and entrepreneurial in the face of situations and persons that cannot be controlled.

Staying on top of the myriad of different processes, complexities, paperwork, forms and bureaucratic time warps associated with opening up a healthcare vocational school can be absolutely frustrating. Starting a new career training school or trade school with several healthcare occupational training programs from scratch can be intense and puzzling to potential business owners who have never done it before.  

Well, relax and look no further. Perhaps Legacy CNA School Consultants can be of some valuable assistance. All consulting services offered by Legacy CNA School Consultants are very cost-effective. These services assist prospective school owners in navigating the bureaucratic land mine of establishing a CNA /nurse aide training school and/or adding healthcare career training programs to an existing private vocational school. 

The idea of using the knowledge and expertise of a consulting firm for this type of business venture is not exactly new. Countless entrepreneurs in the private career school industry utilize the specialized knowledge of consultants to help formulate strategies, execute plans, promote their healthcare occupational training programs, fill out forms and anticipate problems that may occur in the process of opening a school. 

Legacy CNA School Consultants offers a complete array of services to clients. The consultants will write the healthcare training program curricula, create the school’s catalog, generate the proper clinical practicum externship contracts, devise the trade school’s business plan, conjure up all school policies & student handbooks, and come up with forms and paperwork that the novice school owner may not have ever known of. 

In addition, Legacy CNA School Consultants can assist to develop a common-sense marketing plan that is sure to attract prospective students and make them that much more likely to enroll. Information and steps will be provided on partnering with a number of national healthcare training program certification entities in order to make one’s trade school appear more attractive and reputable to the public eye.

Legacy CNA School Consultants also makes realistic suggestions on how to cultivate lasting partnerships with nonprofit community organizations and stakeholders with deep pockets that may lead to referrals of more students to the trade school. These organizations can be a source of constant student referrals, which may lead to a continual stream of money by way of tuition and fees for the newly formed school.

Also, Legacy CNA School Consultants will prepare the school’s business plan. A typical trade school business plan can be anywhere from six to twelve pages long. This is a massive task for a school owner who does not particularly like to write and/or feels that writing formal documents is not their strongest skill. The consultants will write a complete business plan for the school that integrates the owner’s goals for growth.

Moreover, the consultants are capable of assisting in the design of the private career school’s website. In this modern day era of technological innovation, more prospective students than ever make the initial decision to visit a school based on the appearance of the educational institution’s website. A shoddy-looking website may encourage potential enrollees to look elsewhere, whereas a great website spark their desire to enroll.

Legacy CNA School Consultants can surely meet peoples’ unique consulting needs while offering extreme affordability and a personal touch. Maybe the consultants can be of assistance. Visit for additional information and to learn more about what services are offered, as well as contact information to reach out to the team of healthcare career school consultants.

Healthcare Career Spotlight: the CNA Trade School Consultant

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First of all, consultants can be found in all industries, specialties and sectors because of the versatile nature of their professional roles. For instance, hospitals and life insurance corporations often procure the services of business consultants or consulting firms for fresh ideas. Likewise, a health foods wholesale supply company or vitamin shop might utilize the breadth of knowledge that a natural health consultant brings to the table.

Thus, a CNA trade school consultant is a multi-faceted professional who has a vast fund of knowledge and expertise in regards to the initial establishment, ongoing management and operational processes that come with the territory of opening and running CNA schools. A CNA (certified nursing assistant) trade school is a vocational school that offers nurse aide training programs to people who want to become CNAs.

CNA trade school consultants are usually well versed on the bureaucratic issues of securing approvals from various municipal and state entities in order to legally operate nurse aide training programs. They have intimate familiarity with all the paperwork, forms, procedures, timelines, and tasks that must be completed before the state approval agencies will grant final approval for the trade school to begin accepting students.

They may also be very familiar with other procedures related to CNA schools, such as the operations of other types of training programs offered at vocational schools. CNA trade school consultants are often able to provide consultative advice to school owners who want to start or add healthcare training programs in medical assisting, massage therapy, phlebotomy, surgical technology, radiography, nursing education and so much more.

CNA trade school consultants assess the specific needs of their clients and discuss the tasks that must be completed to facilitate the state approvals required in order to open their healthcare programs to the public. Some of these tasks include formulation of appropriate curriculum, completion of fire inspections at the school, preparation of school catalogs, acquisition of proper forms and customization of student handbooks.

Consultants may educate clients on the unique aspects of nurse aide training programs, such as admissions requirements, refund policies, entrance exams, clinical site contracts, student background checks, liability issues and business insurance needs. CNA school consultants may also refer clients to accountants, instructors, attorneys, suppliers, publishing companies, accreditation organizations and other professionals as needed.

Some trade school consultants offer their services on a piecemeal basis whereas other consultants will provide bids on comprehensive service packages that include everything that needs to be done in order to establish the vocational school. In addition, some consultants offer added services such as counseling on business plans, educational seminars and webinars, and marketing tips to increase student enrollments.

School owners often seek the specialized services of CNA trade school consultants due to the confusion that frequently arises after finding out about the numerous steps one must take to open a vocational school and/or add new healthcare training programs. Some consultants offer detailed guidance to walk school owners through the bureaucratic complexities while other consultants manage entire projects from start to finish.

Training for CNA trade school consultants varies depending on their specific areas of interest and unique experiential backgrounds. At the time of this writing (2019), state and/or federal licensure requirements for trade school consultants have not been officially enacted into law. Nonetheless, earning relevant college degrees and/or certifications can add an aura of legitimacy to one’s consulting career.

Most CNA school consultants have direct experience in the trade school industry as owners, instructors or managers. Experience can be one of the best forms of schooling for consultants in the trade school industry. After all, they are able to see the process unfold before completing them. After completing the process multiple times, they are able to educate clients on the pertinent processes of starting a school from scratch.

Even though no official college degree requirements currently exist for CNA trade school consultants, ideally they should possess an extensive knowledge base in the realm of starting healthcare training programs. In addition to experience, a consultant in the trade school industry should be able to produce references upon request and exhibit a proven record of previous projects that had been successful.

Do you need the specialized services of a trade school consultant that specializes in starting and adding healthcare training programs? Are you having the most difficult time trying to locate a CNA school consultant to help you out?

Relax and call Legacy CNA School Consultants at (682)313-6404 or visit our website at for more information. Perhaps we can help turn your vision of a CNA trade school or healthcare training vocational school into a reality.