What Duties and Tasks Do Certified Nursing Assistants Do?

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The certified nursing assistant, also known as a CNA, nursing assistant, nurses aide, orderly, or patient care assistant, is a multifaceted allied healthcare worker who assists licensed nurses by providing direct, personal nursing care services to patients and residents under the supervision of a licensed practical / vocational nurse (LPN / LVN) or registered professional nurse (RN).

The direct, intimate care provided by CNAs is delivered to patients and residents in a wide array of healthcare settings including hospitals, extended care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, inpatient hospices, group homes, personal residences, psychiatric facilities, and rehabilitation centers.

Some usual CNA duties would normally include basic nursing tasks such as answering patient call light signals that have been activated, feeding patients who might not be able to feed themselves, obtaining vital signs, helping with mobility, keeping patients’ rooms clean and tidy, and transferring patients and residents from bed to chair using one’s body or mechanical devices.

Other basic nursing care tasks that are often assigned to nurses aides include re-positioning patients in bed to maintain comfort and prevent skin breakdown, making occupied and unoccupied beds, delivering incontinent care, assisting with toileting, giving showers, getting patients dressed, helping clients perform oral care, giving bed baths, gathering supplies, cleaning dentures, and prepping rooms.

Although nursing assistants adhere to the the directions of the licensed nurses and physicians who supervise them, the nurse aide is absolutely the backbone of the healthcare industry in the United States. Without the constant presence and hard work of CNAs, many nurses who work in direct patient care capacities would have extreme difficulty doing their jobs in a timely and efficient manner.

Legacy Healthcare Careers offers quality CNA training to become a certified nursing assistant in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our Mid Cities area campus is located at 7100 Boulevard 26 Suite 205, Richland Hills TX 76180. All of the Fort Worth area CNA programs are $850 and last approximately four weeks. Day, evening and weekend CNA lessons are offered, and all classes are taught by RNs with many years of diverse healthcare experience in the nursing profession.

A career as a certified nursing assistant is an excellent stepping stone into a fulfilling healthcare career due to invigorating patient contact, steady pay, and the potential of job security. In other words, obtaining CNA training and certification is a wise investment in one’s career and economic future.

Call the Legacy Healthcare Careers campus at (682)626-5266 or the school’s 24-hour hotline at (682)313-6404 for more information. Also visit the Legacy Healthcare Careers school website at www.LegacyHealthcareCareers.com for very informative pearls of wisdom regarding differing careers in the nursing profession.

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