2-Day Personal Care Attendant Course w/Job Placement Assistance – $299 Tuition

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Legacy Healthcare Careers offers a two-day Personal Care Attendant (PCA) course that is designed to quickly train people to become professional healthcare workers in a matter of days. Best of all, the training course is affordable since the tuition is only $299 total. Call 682.626.5266 to reserve a seat in an upcoming Personal Care Attendant course to rapidly jumpstart one’s career in the entry-level healthcare field.

The Personal Care Attendant course offers a targeted blend of classroom lectures, videos, laboratory skills and interactive coursework coupled with a final test alongside the registered nurse (RN) instructor. Upon completion of the various learning activities, students will be awarded a certificate of completion, an official transcript, and job placement assistance. This is a cost-effective solution to the current shortage of frontline healthcare workers!

Visit the school at 7505 Glenview Drive Suite I, Richland Hills TX 76180 to enroll, or call 682.626.5266 to obtain additional information.

Triple Credential: Take the CNA, Phlebotomy & Medical Assistant Programs Altogether for One Low Price

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Legacy Healthcare Careers, a small family-owned school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, offers potential students the chance to earn three medical credentials all in one. Students can train to become a nursing assistant, phlebotomy technician and medical assistant altogether in just a few months to ensure maximal preparedness for the local healthcare employment market. Call (682)626-5266 for more information.

The nurse aide training program prepares students to obtain state certification as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). CNAs are vital members of the healthcare team who work under the supervision of licensed nurses to provide basic care and assistance with daily living activities. CNAs help patients with mobility, grooming, transfers, range of motion exercises, meal service, and other facets of care. CNAs work at clinics, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, home health companies and other settings.

The phlebotomy technician training program prepares students to obtain national certification as a certified phlebotomy technician (CPT), also known as a phlebotomist. Phlebotomy technicians are allied healthcare professionals who collect specimens by way of blood withdrawal (venipuncture), finger and heel sticks (capillary puncture), and other methods. Phlebotomy technicians find employment at hospitals, laboratories, blood banks, plasma centers, clinics and other healthcare settings.

The medical assistant program prepares learners to obtain national certification as a certified medical assistant (CMA). Medical assistants are multi-skilled allied healthcare professionals who complete a blend of administrative and clinical duties under the supervision of licensed nurses and physicians. Medical assistants take vital signs, schedule appointments, collect specimens, obtain patients’ histories, communicate with insurance companies, and so much more.

Medical assistants secure employment at hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, multi-specialty practices, extended care facilities, health insurance companies, schools and other types of settings that offer healthcare services. Employment of medical assistants is expected to increase by 23 percent through the year 2028, which is much faster than the average for all occupations according to the United States Bureau for Labor Statistics.

Population growth will continue to increase demand in the medical field. This increased demand results in continual job openings for allied healthcare workers such as CNAs, phlebotomy technicians and medical assistants. Call (682)626-5266 to find out more information, or visit Legacy Healthcare Careers at 7505 Glenview Drive, Suite I, N. Richland Hills TX 76180. Jump-start your legacy with three medical field credentials to get ultimate preparation for the healthcare job market.


$299 2-Day Personal Care Attendant Class With Job Placement Assistance is Here!


Legacy Healthcare Careers, a family-owned school in the Fort Worth suburb of North Richland Hills, Texas, offers an extremely affordable 2-day personal care assistant class with job placement assistance and various aftercare services. For $299 in tuition and fees, students receive hands-on education in various skills that are needed to function as a personal care attendant in the private residential setting. Call 682.626.5266 to enroll.

In addition, students who successfully complete the personal care attendant seminar classes receive an updated resume as well as job placement assistance. Personal care attendants, also known as personal care aides, are professional caregivers who perform skills such as bathing, light meal preparation, elimination assistance, grooming and dressing clients in their homes.

Personal care attendants fall into the special category of the fourth fastest growing jobs through the year 2026. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a healthy job opening growth rate of 39% for personal care aides.

Legacy Healthcare Careers is located at 7505 Glenview Drive, Suite I, North Richland Hills TX 76180. Call 682.626.5266 to enroll in a personal care attendant class. Jump-start your legacy at Legacy Healthcare Careers!

Texas CNA Skills (Part Seventeen): Do Not Forfeit Your CNA State Examination Fees!

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Graduates of certified nursing assistant (CNA) training programs most likely put forth a whole lot of effort in a diligent manner to complete their coursework and practice their skills to perfection. The next logical step is passing the CNA state exam. Achieving a passing score on the CNA state exam is like icing on a cake because it is a rewarding culmination of the student’s perseverance and efforts throughout the previous weeks or months.

Nevertheless, there are a number of ways students can mess up on their efforts to take the CNA state test before they ever even get the opportunity to set foot in the the Pearson Vue testing center. In other words, some students make one or more silly mistakes that result in forfeiture of their testing appointments in addition to loss of the exam monies they paid.

The following is a list of actions that could potentially cause students to not be admitted into the Pearson Vue testing center and lead to forfeiture of CNA state exam fees.

  1. Test takers will need to arrive at the Pearson Vue testing center approximately 30 minutes prior to their scheduled test appointment times. A failure to arrive at the testing center on time will result in forfeiture of the CNA state exam appointment as well as any testing fees that had been previously paid.
  2. Test takers who want to change or cancel their testing appointment times will need to provide proper notice to Pearson Vue. Test takers who opt to change or cancel their state test appointment times without providing sufficient advance notice will forfeit the exam fee.
  3. Test takers will need to present two forms of unexpired identification in order to be admitted into the Pearson Vue testing center. For instance, a valid drivers license and a social security card would be acceptable forms of identification. Test takers who do not present two forms of unexpired identification will forfeit their testing appointments and lose the exam fees they previously paid.

CNA School Open Registration Event: Friday May 10, 2019 From 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

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An Open Registration event will take place at Legacy Healthcare Careers CNA School on May 10, 2019 between the hours of 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. The school is conveniently located one mile west of the North East Mall at 7100 Boulevard 26, Suite 205, Richland Hills, Texas 76180, just south of the intersection of Highway 26 and Glenview Drive. As always, parking is free.

As a courtesy, please confirm attendance to the CNA School Open Registration event by placing a call to Ms. Kee Randall to RSVP at (682)626-5266. Of course, walk-in attendees will also be welcomed with open arms. This event offers people the chance to enroll in 2-week nursing assistant (CNA) training classes on the spot. Job placement assistance at Legacy Healthcare Careers is real and begins the very moment pupils enroll in class.

Two certified nursing assistant (CNA) training classes will start on Monday, May 20 with a graduation date of June 3, 2019. Both of these are two-week CNA training programs. The classroom and clinical externship schedules have been tailor-made to specifically accommodate the busy lifestyles of adult learners and pupils who may also who be working full time, raising children and/or have other obligations.

In addition, the schedules have been made to ensure students complete the CNA training program quickly while learning as much material as possible to ensure solid preparation for the entry-level healthcare employment market in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. Students who are enrolled in any of the CNA programs at Legacy Healthcare Careers receive 60 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical externship.

Since this is an Open Registration event, all potential students should prepare in advance by bringing a picture ID, social security card and a $200 down payment to reserve a seat in one of the upcoming CNA training programs. Proof of prior education such as a high school diploma, GED, college degree, high school or college transcripts, report card or evidence of 8th (eighth) grade completion is also needed.

Legacy Healthcare Careers provides a dynamic blend of support services to their current students and graduates such as job placement assistance, help with resume and cover letter preparation, hands-on procedural skills practice at no additional charge, and so much more. Students also have access to the school’s 24-hour hotline. Come to the Open Registration event at Legacy Healthcare Careers to see what this school has to offer.

Legacy Healthcare Careers is a small family-owned career training school that provides pupils with individualized attention. The school’s nurse aide training programs are accredited by the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). The school has approval to operate via the Career Schools and Colleges division of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

All of the healthcare training programs offered by Legacy Healthcare Careers are cost-conscious, extremely affordable, convenient and fast track. The instructors at Legacy realize that students have lives outside the school setting, so they make every effort to treat people with the utmost respect, kindness and empathy. Jump-start your legacy now by telephoning (682)626-5266 to transition into a new healthcare career.

Reminder: Spring Fling Open Enrollment Event for CNA Classes on Friday 4/26/19

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Come out and meet the instructors of Legacy Healthcare Careers CNA School for an informational Spring Fling meeting and Open Enrollment event on Friday April 26, 2019 from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. Legacy Healthcare Careers’ address is 7100 Boulevard 26 #205, Richlans Hills TX 76180. Please RSVP to Ms. Kee L. Randall at (682)626-5266 or (682)313-6404 to confirm your attendance. Light refreshments and beverages will be served.

This school is offering another round of 2-week certified nursing assistant (CNA) training classes that are scheduled to begin on Monday April 29, 2019. These 2-week CNA training programs have a scheduled graduation date of May 13, 2019. One is a day CNA class while the the other is a night CNA class. In addition, month-long weekend CNA classes are also offered at the school. Call (682)626-5266 for questions about class schedules.

Join the informative instructors of Legacy Healthcare Careers for an eye-opening and information-filled Friday afternoon. Learn about all the great things that come together to make Legacy Healthcare Careers so unique and such a good choice for healthcare career training. The fast track two-week nurse aide (CNA) training programs, flexible schedules, course offerings, other aftercare support programs will be featured.

Take advantage of this opportunity to speak with teachers and other students. Tours of the small family-owned campus are available too! This is an introduction to Legacy Healthcare Careers CNA School for potential students. Join us for this unique opportunity to become acquainted with the instructors, have an on-the-spot tour of the school, and enroll in upcoming CNA classes.

This is an Open House event, as well as an Open Enrollment event. An open house is an event conducted at a place where its doors are opened to members of the public to let individuals take a look around and learn more about its offerings. Since this is also an Open Enrollment event, potential students should bring a picture ID, social security card, proof of education and $200 down payment to enroll in CNA classes on the spot.

Financial Options to Pay for Career Training School

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Let’s be real: many people do not like their dead-end jobs and badly want to enter a career pathway in a rapidly growing sector such as the medical field. Vocational school career training programs offer a convenient and affordable way for prospective students to retrain for a new career without devoting a huge amount of money or time. In fact, many trade school career training programs only take a few weeks or months to finish.

Nevertheless, the frequently occurring issue of a lack of funds is faced by some potential students who want to enroll at vocational career training schools. Even though many pupils would like to enroll, they often do not attend since they do not have the money to pay for career training classes out of pocket. A sizable number of potential trade school students either live from paycheck to paycheck or deal with other financial obligations.

The majority of prospective students who want to retrain for new careers surely have the potential to be successful and thrive in their chosen occupational paths. However, the unfortunate reality is that not too many of these students have the ability to self-fund the tuition and fees associated with vocational and career training trade schools. Also, the education sector is kept alive by the presence of students who want to learn.

We earnestly believe that good students should not be forced to miss out on great opportunities to obtain high quality career training that will enhance their lives and result in more optimal job prospects. Thus, we introduce several options to help pay for career retraining in the vocational school setting. These options include flexible payment plans and in-house financing.

Flexible payment plans allow students to start attending school with a small down payment. Under the terms of the payment plan, the remaining balance can be paid off over time without any credit checks or interest accrual. Legacy Healthcare Careers, a small trade school with healthcare training programs in the DFW area of Texas, offers flexible payment plans with as little as $200 down and no credit check for approval.

In-house financing is another way for prospective students to fund their career retraining efforts. In many instances the application process is simple with minimal paperwork, easy forms, and straightforward terms. The application process is usually expedited for in-house financing. In most cases the lender can provide 30 second approvals and transfer money into the pupil’s account in 7 business days or less.

Again, great students should not continue to miss out on opportunities to receive good career training that will lead to higher income, less stress and more occupational mobility in the employment market. Options to help cover the cost of career training in the vocational school setting include flexible payment plans and in-house financing. Do not allow your dreams to enter the medical field go unfulfilled due to lack of money.

Call Legacy Healthcare Careers CNA School at (682)626-5266 to retrain for a new career as a nursing assistant (CNA) in two weeks in the DFW metroplex area of Texas.

Definition of Job Placement Assistance

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First of all, let’s start with a working definition of what job placement assistance is. Job placement assistance is a cluster of services, either formalized or informal, that focuses on the placement of people into jobs and formal employment. Job placement assistance can entail activities such as help with searching for job openings, career training, or adding names of hiring managers and business owners to one’s professional network.

The array of services that fall under the wide umbrella of job placement assistance are done to boost the chances that participating persons will successfully make the crucial transition from career training to actual jobs and gainful employment. After all, people who ask for job placement assistance want to be put into paid jobs. Thus, job placement assistance helps job seekers with their ultimate goal of securing employment.

A number of varied activities can be considered job placement assistance. For instance, attendance in job preparedness courses, completion of basic skills training, and receipt of support services can all be regarded as job placement assistance since these activities increase the likelihood that participants will land gainful employment. Other activities include the provision of an updated bulletin board with active job openings.

Legacy Healthcare Careers, a small vocational school in the Dallas /Fort Worth area of Texas, offers a variety of specific services that fall under the realm of job placement assistance. Firstly, the school offers fast, affordable career training in high-demand healthcare occupations. Second of all, the kind staff has direct partnerships with multiple local employers that can lead to potential placement in paid jobs in the healthcare field.

Third of all, Legacy Healthcare Careers offers a number of helpful aftercare services to former students who have previously graduated from one of the school’s healthcare career training programs. These aftercare services include targeted activities such as resume preparation, ongoing skills review, career advice, and possible introductions to community stakeholders who will want to hire graduates.

Call Legacy Healthcare Careers at (682)626-5266 to enroll in the 2-week nursing assistant (CNA) training program. Jump-start your legacy!


Healthcare Experience Allowance: Be Rewarded for Your Prior Knowledge

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Legacy Healthcare Careers has come up with yet another creative way to help certain new students save some much-needed cost savings on their tuition and fees while rewarding them for prior healthcare career training, work experience or schooling. In essence, a $50 allowance will be granted to newly enrolled students who possess workplace and/or scholastic experience in the medical field or healthcare sector.

The Healthcare Experience Allowance offers new enrollees with healthcare experience or previous training the opportunity to obtain a $50 allowance to be applied toward tuition at Legacy Healthcare Careers. This monetary allowance is really useful in the context that it can help offset some often forgotten expenses associated with school attendance such as gas, lunch money, school supplies, transportation and so forth.

To be eligible for the Healthcare Experience Allowance, newly enrolled students must have prior experience or training in the healthcare or medical fields. Attendees can have experience as a home health aide, emergency medical technician, medical assistant, nursing assistant (CNA), phlebotomy technician, dialysis technician direct care worker, transporter, patient care technician, 911 dispatcher or personal care attendant. 

Other persons who are eligible to receive the Healthcare Experience Allowance include students in nursing school, healthcare occupational programs, and other health science training programs. To download the $50 voucher, click here to visit Legacy Healthcare Career’s school website, then scroll until the Healthcare Experience Allowance section is found. As always, call (682)313-6404 for questions, concerns or more information.

Once the voucher is accessed, show it to a school official at Legacy Healthcare Careers during the enrollment process in person, either by printing it out or displaying it using a cell phone. The voucher is valid for $50 off the usual tuition and/or fees at the time of registration. Enrolled students cannot receive additional allowances or discounts off the previously agreed-upon tuition and fees after enrolling. Discounts cannot be combined.

Call (682)626-5266 or the school’s 24-hour line at (682)313-6404 for any questions or concerns regarding nurse aide training programs at Legacy Healthcare Careers CNA School.